Active Kids

Active Kids

Healthy children are happy children!

NCC early learners promotes a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, healthy living and our Active Kids program.

Our large open play spaces are designed for children to run, jump, roll, skip and kick balls as physical active play will support your child’s gross motor development, fitness and overall well-being.

The twice-weekly Active Kids program provides small groups of children with the opportunity to hone gross motor skills, ball skills, fine motor skills, fitness and balance through a fun combination of dance and group games. With the upcoming opening of our Learn to Swim pool, your child can also attend swimming lessons to give the confidence and skills needed for water safety.

While all parents know that staying fit is so important for adults, sometimes it’s easy to forget that children need structured physical activities too. Regular physical activity for kids develops muscular strength and endurance, and improves stability and locomotive skills. It also helps establish self-esteem and improve social well-being. Well-nourished children participate more in sports, dance, games and other physical activities. And apart from keeping children healthy and strong, good nutrition and fitness enhances their learning potential. Healthy children are happy children!