Realising our Vision, Living our Values

At NCC Early Learners our vision is to provide a secure and inclusive, learning environment for our communities based on traditional Christian values.

Pursuing our vision has seen our organisation bring the NCC early education experience to a growing number of communities across Queensland. It’s our continued prayer that we will be able to offer our proven and celebrated early childhood and kindergarten programs to more and more families, so their children can be ready and rearing to go when they start Prep.

Our values are critical to us.


in all that we do


of diversity


to build connections


to continue to grow


to give to others

These are values that we look to our staff to adopt and role model. We also seek to develop these values in the young people within our care with a focus on developing good character and confidence.

We encourage our families to take these values on as well. Talk to your children about these values, one at a time, and every so often. This will help shape who they are. Over time, they will learn to value what matters most in life.

We believe that for the many people who are part of the NCC Early Learners community these organisational values will naturally align with their personal values.

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You can enrol your child from birth


You can enrol your
child from birth