Developing Christian faith, values and fellowship

NCC Early Learners is a Christ-centred learning environment that strives to develop good character and values and an interest in and understanding of Christianity.

Our staff pray for and with the children in their care and seek to embody loving kindness in all their interactions with children and families involved with our centres.

Our Christian studies program varies slightly from centre to centre. All have daily elements with other centres having specific programs in place. As part of our Christian program we welcome parent’s involvement in special events.

At all centres we encourage children to give thanks (say Grace) at mealtimes and each centre has access to Christian reading material and music. When devotions are held the children are encouraged to consider others. Often children thank God for their families, friends and pets. Educators model prayer points for sick or sad people and talk about ways to be kind to each other.

Our centres incorporate music, songs, bible stories and activities along with thoughtful message some are centre led and other’s have volunteers from the local Church leading religious instruction.

In addition there are a variety of opportunities for families to connect from carpark coffee vans to Chapel services to family dinner nights. Contact your centre to find out what they do.

Our centres support local, national and international charities assisting those in need. Promoting community involvement begins with an awareness of others. Venturing out into the community enriches children’s experiences by broadening their perspective, encouraging positive exploration and allowing them to make connections between the service and the outside world. This, in turn, promotes good community involvement and provides an opportunity for children to learn about the wider world.

Some of the charities we have supported include:

  • Drought Angels – Our farming communities
  • Neighbours Aid – Local and overseas service and needs
  • Day for Daniel – Child safety
  • Pirate Day – Childhood cancer
  • Sponsorship with wildlife, e.g. adopt a koala

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You can enrol your
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