Expanding knowledge and understanding of people and places

Outings & Visitors

NCC Early Learners runs a variety of excursions for young children to local places of interests and learnings and also hosts visits to our Centres from local Queensland service organisations and other specialists.

These aspects of our program connect children with real-life experiences allowing for engagement in the community and providing learning opportunities.

Each centres has various experience some of which include trips to the zoo, gardens, cinemas, hospitals, train rides and picnics. We often embark on walks to visits aspects in the local community such as war memorials, parks and shops and special visits to aged care facilities or the local library. We have visits from Queensland Police, Fire and Ambulance Services and marine visits and cultural dance and music workshops.

In some centres we have Oral Health Visits, Dental Visits, Speech and Occupational Therapy Visits.

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You can enrol your
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