Giving children early advantages

NCC Early Learners are dedicated professionals who value the importance of education and community by providing the highest quality of care and education within a safe and supportive environment. Where Christian values are upheld, and family partnerships are strengthened through respectful and sincere relationships.

There are a number of elements that contribute to our educational philosophy at NCC Early Learners.

In summary these are the importance of:

  • Play-based learning and encouraging a love of learning
  • Inspiring places for children including nature
  • Education in a caring, Christian context
  • Our values including valuing what matters most
  • Supporting individual development and talents of children
  • Keeping up with research on child development
  • Ensuring staff have ongoing professional development.

An inspiring environment and play-based learning

We are committed to providing purpose-built early learning centres that deliver education in a sensory, play-based-learning environment. We are also committed to keeping abreast of the latest research in child development.

Childhood theorist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby believes ‘Children who feel loved and securely connected throughout their early years, develop the strongest foundation for self-esteem and self-acceptance throughout life.’  Bowlby (1907-1991)

Our focus on play-based learning does just that. Structured play is integral to a child’s development. (See Top 9 Developmental Areas below.)

Under the guidance of our early learning educators, your child will take part in a curriculum of exploration and play-based learning that has been developed to bring out each child’s natural abilities.

Our centres are spacious and inspiring places of learning. Every element in our centres has been carefully chosen and arranged to encourage children to explore, create and observe their surroundings. Engaging spaces are an important part of the educational framework, as is learning through drawing, creative play, stories, negotiation and music.

Incorporated in our rooms is the use of natural light, spaces for drama, dance and art and extensive playgrounds and outdoor space to explore. A focus on natural elements and closeness to nature helps develop children’s bravery and provides an avenue for them to find peace, calmness and connection. We partner with NaturePlay Queensland to incorporate these elements and build into our program excursions into nature such as Bush Kindy.

By understanding what best sets up children for Prep, our Early Learner Program is designed to give them an early advantage in life, ensuring they develop the skills, abilities and confidence to do well at school. You can read more about NCC’s Educational Philosophy here.

6 Reasons why Play matters

  • Stimulates Brain Development
    Playing promotes a child’s brain development in numerous ways, providing crucial life experiences to set the grounds for brain growth.

  • Sparks Creative Thinking
    Play increases a child’s creativity and divergent thinking, which explores possible solutions that typically leads to new creative ideas.

  • Develops Communication, Vocabulary and Language
    Play provides children with the opportunity to develop their vocabulary when they speak and try to understand others. While playing with others they often repeat words and actions by way of agreements.

  • Develops Social Skills and Empathy
    Through play, children learn to cooperate, follow the rules, develop self-control, and get along with other people.

  • Improves Physical and Mental Health
    Play that involves physical activities enhances motor skills, strength, and endurance, which benefits physical health. Learning to manage their emotions helps child develop resilience, a key part of mental health.

  • Strengthens Relationship with Carers and Peers
    Children are captivated by things that interest them or bring them joy. Research shows that people (children or adults) who play with children form a stronger mutual bond. These interactions also provide positive life experiences that stimulate children’s brain development.

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You can enrol your
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