Learning Program

Our Learning Program

Through a curriculum of exploration and play-based learning, which is led by experienced educators and teachers, our early learning centre in Kilcoy develops each child’s natural abilities. Children come to understand important concepts, build self-confidence and discover the joy of learning – all before they’ve even reached school age.

Underpinning the educational framework is a nurturing environment where Christian values are shared and social interaction is encouraged between children. At such a young age, learning is mostly a sensory experience and we encourage both indoor and outdoor activities to add to the learning experience.

Other early advantages include a variety of incursions.


Music & Art

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Chapel & Library

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Bush Kindy

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We love everything about NCC early learners Kilcoy. There is such a strong sense of community, a calm atmosphere, the educators are passionate and caring, the education program is exceptional and the children love the natural play environments. We recommend it to anyone who is looking for quality care for their children.


Learning Program
Music & Art

NCC early learners value the uniqueness of each child and strive to explore the potential and possibilities that they possess at this age, especially in the area of art and music.


Each day children engage in art experiences with an array of creative materials, stunning art and craft pieces are delivered home to families to share.  Our early learning centre encourages children to act with increasing independence and endurance, and engage in ways to explore and be imaginative and creative.


We are proud to be one of the early learning centres in Kilcoy that promotes a range of activities. Music is an important part of our every day and students have opportunities to learn worship songs, play with a variety of instruments from other cultures and dance with free expression.  Through songs, games and activities, concepts of pitch, beat, rhythm and volume are introduced. They also work as a group to learn words and actions to songs which contribute to our end of year performances.

Learning Program


Our early learners love to run and jump and our “Active Kids” program is a specially designed just for these little learners. This super fun sports program involves demonstration by the educator and repeated practice of gross motor skills, ball skills, fine motor, fitness, balance, dance, and group games skills.

Our sizeable open play spaces with regular physical activity for children develop muscular strength and endurance and improves stability and locomotor skills.  It also helps establish self-esteem and improve social well-being and fitness enhances their learning potential.

NCC early learners promotes a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, healthy living and our Active Kids program.

We have been a part of the NCC early learners family for a number of years. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Our children are cared for by the educators just like they are their own. The centre has a lovely environment and we are proud to be part of the NCC early learners Kilcoy community.


Learning Program
Chapel & Library


A special highlight during the term is our weekly Chapel where our early learners enjoy music and worship time and thoughtful messages presented by the educators.  Parents are welcome to attend.


Reading is actively encouraged at NCC early learners and the emphasis is making it a fun and fulfilling experience. Within the centre the children have a wide selection of literature and engaging activities. Staff often get into character to share engaging and fascinating stories with the children. NCC early learners also enjoy book week enjoying dress ups and special activities.

We would highly recommend the team at NCC early learners Kilcoy to anyone seeking exceptional child care. We take comfort in the knowledge that each time we leave our daughter with the fabulous staff, she is valued, encouraged and engaged in a friendly and supportive environment.


Learning Program

NCC early learners is known for the ‘added value programs’ another way in which we are unique from other early learning centres throughout the Kilcoy area. These early advantages include a variety of incursions, this aspect of the program connects the children with real life experiences allowing for engagement in the community and providing learning opportunities.

Learning Program


At NCC early learners, children enjoy a hands-on approach to nutrition as they get their hands dirty learning how to grow delicious fruit and vegetables and experience eating a variety of fresh seasonal produce.  The centre aims to create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment by introducing a range of child-focused gardening.

As the children are encouraged to enjoy spending time outdoors and looking after the natural environment, they learn plant names, successfully harvest edible plants, and plan and decorate the vegetable garden area – including finding ingenious ways to keep bugs and birds from eating the veggies!

Gardens can be used to integrate science, mathematics, language, arts, history, environmental studies, nutrition and health into fun learning activities for children, as well as doubling as playgrounds with edible treats to promote healthy eating habits. For younger children, an experience with growing and eating their own food can lead to a lifetime of better nutrition, and more interest in eating fresh produce.

Learning Program
Bush Kindy Program

Coming Soon.

NCC early learners is very proud to be working in partnership with Natureplay Qld to provide an exciting new Bush Kindy Program to all our Kindergarten children.

Being able to provide this program and exposing children to the natural world that we are so blessed to have, is something that we here at NCC early learners are very passionate about not only for the benefit for the child but also the wider community.

The benefits of our children being exposed to the natural environment are –

  • enhanced personal and social communication skills
  • increased physical health, supporting the development of healthy, active lifestyles
  • enhanced mental and spiritual health
  • enhanced spiritual, sensory, and aesthetic awareness
  • the ability to assert personal control and increased sensitivity to one’s own well-being

Your Director and Kindergarten Teacher will be able to provide you with their services program times and answer any of your questions you may have.