When you put your child into childcare – or start them in kindergarten – you are not only looking for nurturing care, but are wanting your child to commence their early learning.

At NCC we prioritise equally our care and attention with the development of our early learners in literacy, numeracy and discovery through play and programs.

We believe early literacy, numeracy, and discovery through play are essential components of early childhood development, laying the foundation for future academic success, social-emotional well-being, and lifelong learning. Research shows that early learning is crucial for a child’s development:

  1. Early literacy forms the foundation for all future learning – language, reading and writing set a child up for success in school and beyond. Through reading and storytelling, children learn about different cultures, perspectives, and experiences, fostering empathy and understanding.
  2. Early numeracy through exposure to numbers and counting lays the groundwork for future mathematical learning. Numeracy skills enable children to solve everyday problems and make sense of the world around them.
  3. Discovery through play encourages children to be creative and use their imagination. Play often involves challenges and helps children develop critical-thinking skills. Play also provides opportunities for social interaction, collaboration and the development of emotional regulation skills.

NCC Early Learners is an exceptional childcare and Kindergarten service in eight locations across South East Queensland

NCC Early Learners offers many programs such as Bush Kindy and Learn to Swim as well as many inclusions. Our programs are designed around early learning curriculum and support early literacy, numeracy and discovery through play.

Our centres are purpose-built with in-house resources (books, toys, dress-ups) and multiple play areas, and offer affordable extended hours care Monday to Friday for fifty weeks a year excluding public holidays.

We recommend you first visit your nearest centre and meet the Director to discuss your childcare needs. You can pick up an enrolment pack at the time.

Places for 2025 are filling up, do don’t delay!

We value what matters most.

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You can enrol your
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