Hoot Cafe

Hoot Cafe

The benefits of Hoot Café and the central space utilised by all children together

Lunchtime is a favourite at NCC early learners with the Hoot Café filling with children of all different ages to meet and enjoy meals together.

This brightly decorated and comfortable central space offers delicious food for our early learners, a mouth-watering menu of healthy and exciting food – some grown right here on the College campus in our orchards!

As well as eating tasty treats, children are provided with opportunities to learn about healthy foods, how they grow and are used in our cooking by caring for our vegetable garden and orchard, right through to preparation in the children’s cooking room. Budding green thumbs can try their hand in the vegie gardens, where children can plant an assortment of foods to care for and watch develop.

With all our rooms mingling during this communal time, we see the mixed-age group environment is a very normal and natural setting. The real world is full of people of all ages, just as in our family homes. By providing opportunities for children to see friends and siblings from other age rooms at the Centre, these relationships can be fostered, and are sources of trust, affection, comfort, and closeness. Older children have the opportunity to lead, instruct, assume responsibility, and nurture others during these times, and younger children are exposed to more complex play, advanced language, and educational activities by observing and imitating the older children.